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Lace wigs have become more and more popular among celebrities,because they are high-quality, can blend seamlessly, and let you switch up your look in the blink of an eye.Porsha Williams is a wig pro and she owns over 40 of them.Recently she talked to ALLURE and shared her experience how she takes care of her lace wigs.



What are best practices for washing your lace wig?

PORSHA WILLIAMS: When it comes to human hair, you want to try and keep the soft feel of it. Also, if you have color in your wig, you need to maintain that color, and make sure you're not washing it out every time. You have to use the appropriate chemicals for that hair type. So, if its colored hair, it's just like human hair, and you should use a color-maintenance shampoo and conditioner. I would also suggest applying a moisture mask every once in a while. Treat it as you would your own hair.

When you apply a deep treatment, put your wig upside down in a plastic cap, and then inside of a bonnet. [Use a dryer to] allow heat to penetrate through so the hair can really experience all the ingredients and benefits of your treatment or mask.
After washing, you can blow-dry it straight, but be sure to use a heat protectant so your wig doesn’t get damaged. If it’s curly, get a diffuser so you keep those curls nice.


How do you properly store your wigs to keep them fresh?

PORSHA WILLIAMS:I actually get the majority of my lace front wigs curled and styled, and I put them on a wig head. Don't just let them stay balled up in a bag or a suitcase. It’s best to prep and style them before storing. The curls may fall through while they are sitting there, but at least the form is there, and it's a little easier to just pop them on whenever you are ready.

 How do you maintain your wig while working out?

PORSHA WILLIAMS:I've worked out before without having my wig tacked down in place, and that was a little scary. My best advice is to wear a hat or tie your wig down with a scarf to help keep it in place. The good thing about the struggle of wearing a wig while working out is the immediate removal. Once you get in your car, you can just [remove it] and cool off. It’s the best.

 What tips do you have for keeping your hairline and edges intact while wearing a wig?

PORSHA WILLIAMS:Don’t always wear the combs on your wig in the same position. Because the combs, naturally, are going to be rubbing, which can result in a bald spot if you wear them all the time. You have to switch them out. At the end of the day, you have to maintain your natural hair, your natural crown. You want to make sure it's healthy underneath these styles.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying a wig for the first time and is afraid of the upkeep that comes with it?

PORSHA WILLIAMSJust be confident and know that we are not living in the old days. It's not taboo for a young woman, older woman, or whomever, to have on a full wig. These aren't those days. These days, everybody has on a wig. It's your hair once you purchase it. Nobody can tell me once I put my wig on, it's not my hair. I don't care if I can take it off in five minutes. Get a style that matches you. Don't put too much hair on the wig, so that [it looks] natural for you, and just enjoy it. Have fun. Switch it out.