Here’s What You’ll Get:

Mindset, Money & Market System for Coaches and Consultants

This virtual workshop is for experts, coaches and consultants who are serious about growing their revenue to $20k – $50k per month with high-value offers, predictable systems & automation.

We are going to work together to break through your income ceiling using my PROVEN 6-step Client Attraction Blueprint so that you can successfully scale your coaching or consulting business to consistent five-figure months without compromising your life.

Client Success Stories


I’m Kim McCarter and if I had to be honest, I never dreamed being in position to say “I’m a sales & marketing expert”.  In fact, if you would have asked me in 2010, where did I see myself in ten years, it did not include owning a business that allows me to live life on my terms without worry about how my bills would get paid or sitting on my sofa watching way too much Hallmark. Yet, here I am.  After working over 17 years in customer relations and project management, I know share the skills I mastered in Corporate America with experts, coaches and consultants who are tired of living client to client.


Well, let me tell you…

I’m a business success coach and advanced sales funnel strategist who helps burnt-out dream-tired entrepreneurs stop trade hustling and when-will-I-make-it for operating in their zone of genius and living life on their own terms.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

About nine years ago I entered the entrepreneurial world as a Personal Branding Coach. Basically, I taught individuals how to grow their business and connect with clients through strategic messaging and storytelling.

Along the way I implemented my own version sales funnels and my income tripled.

But it wasn’t until an Internet Marketing Guru applauded my sales funnels that I took a deep dive into their strategy. Launched another sales funnel and earned nothing. OOPS!

That experience shifted my perspective from trying to be an internet marketer to leveraging the internet to market my services.  Form From there my business skyrocketed. I went from $24,000 in 2013 to $83,000 and just over $232,000 in 2015.

December 2015, I left my corporate job and haven’t looked back since.  

I get a rush everytime I help an entrepreneur fully embrace who they are and leverage their unique strengths. Helping business owners feel confident about making an income through serving the world with their skills is why I show up everyday!

I would freaking love to hang and meet you in person…geeking over your business and marketing with you for 2 days.

  • The person who wants to serve MORE people without sacrificing their time or sanity in the process.
  • The person who believes that if you do good you should live well, and if you live well you should do good.
  • The person who is curious – willing to try something new to have new, and BETTER results.
  • The person who is ready to trust the process, and take massive action to achieve their desired results (it’s a done-with-you interactive workshop, not another run o’ the mill empowerment event where you sit and listen to me talk for two days).
  • You’re the kind of person who doesn’t see the positive side of anything (like, when you don’t hit a goal, you can’t see anything you DID accomplish because all you can see is the missed checkmark).  
  • You’re the kind of person whose success is tied strictly to money.  
  • You’re the kind of person who thinks they know it all (says things like “I’ve tried that before”).
  • You’re the kind of person who isn’t willing to do any internal work to hit your goals. 
It’s time to trade hustling, wondering and wishing for systematizing, sustainability and scalability.  

Business Coaching Intensive!

Includes Coaching Circle
  •  Virtual Implementation Workshop
  •  Over The Shoulder Tech Videos
  •  High Ticket Sales Funnel Strategy
  •  Sales Scripts, Content Strategy Plan, Video Sales Letter Scripts & Webinar Templates
  •  Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions
  •  Monthly Sales & Marketing Workshops
  •  High Ticket Webinar Funnel Strategy Session
  •  Private Community
  •  Live Laser Coaching Sessions
  •  Exclusive Pricing For VIP Days, Retreats & Private Coaching